Sebastian Vettel is a “brand ambassador” for Infiniti, so you can expect to see him in various ad campaigns for the luxury auto brand. The latest kicks off Infiniti’s Inspired Performance series of viral videos, and it pits Vettel against a gang of thieves in a classic martial arts scene.

Vettel was tutored on basic kung fu blocks and punches by Chinese actress Celina Jade, and in exchange Vettel gave Jade a few tips on performance driving behind the wheel of an Infiniti G Coupe.

Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon comes across as cheesy and low-budget, but we suppose that’s exactly the effect the producers were going for. When it comes to physically intimidating athletes, Formula One drivers are pretty low on our list, which adds to the humor of the video.

Look for future episodes of the Inspired Performance series to star Mark Webber as well, with the Red Bull drivers swapping roles with other “inspired performers” picked by Infiniti.

As for Vettel’s future as a stuntman or martial art star, the German driver commented, “I learned that just like with driving, you need balance, control and technique to be good at kung fu, but I think I’ll stick to my usual kind of fighting on track on Sunday.”