Sebastian Vettel is already Infiniti’s first-ever Global Brand Ambassador, and the German F1 sensation will soon become the star of a new Infiniti global ad campaign.

Combining television advertising with digital media, viral content videos and even collector’s-item posters, the ad campaign builds on the established relationship between Vettel and Infiniti. Last year, Vettel helped to design his “ultimate Infiniti,” the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version, which will see limited production in 2012.

As the 2012 F1 season kicks off, expect the relationship between Infiniti and Red Bull Racing to be more prominently featured. Infiniti promises clearer branding on the Red Bull RB8, as well as on team equipment. There's even talk of technical collaboration between Red Bull Racing and Infiniti in the not-too-distant future.

Of the upcoming ad campaign, Nissan’s corporate vice president of global marketing communications, Simon Sproule, said, “Sebastian is undoubtedly the biggest name within the world’s most high-profile form of motorsport, and he epitomizes Infiniti’s ‘Inspired Performance’ tagline. We feel he is the perfect person to lead the brand’s first-ever global advertising campaign.”

For his part, Vettel admits that filming the television ad in Spain was “great fun,” which seems to sum up his approach to piloting an F1 car, too. Love him or hate him, no other F1 star seems to enjoy driving as much as Sebastian Vettel.