Jolene Van Vugt isn't a household name here in the U.S., but she's surprisingly quick on household bathroom fixtures. The fastest in the world, actually.

Today, in Australia, at Sydney Olympic Park, Van Vugt set a new land speed record for a motorized toilet, reaching a puckering 46.605 mph average speed over a 100-meter distance. To satisfy Guinness World Record standards, the run was made both directions.

It wasn't a spotless attempt at the record, however, with a mechanical problem early in the day almost flushing the attempt before it began. With no mechanic on site, the Nitro Circus Live group Van Vugt travels with had to do some DIY. On run #2, however, everything went smoothly.

Van Vugt hasn't made hasty bathroom runs a habit--she saw the motorized throne for the first time the morning of her world-record-setting drive.

As Van Vugt summed up the experience on her personal site, "It was super fun and it's always cool to work towards a Guinness World Record and what more could a girl ask for then a world record on a toilet! lol".

LOL, indeed.