Ving Rhames, or more specifically the characters played by Ving Rhames, doesn’t take disappointing news well. Remember Marcellus Wallace, the character played by Rhames in Pulp Fiction? The one who once tossed a guy off a roof for massaging his wife’s feet?

When someone like that tells you to buy a Buick, are you going to argue? Are you going to risk proving that humans can’t fly by saying, “Thanks, I’d rather drive a Cadillac”?

We’re not saying Rhames would ever toss someone off a building, but he does have a certain undeniable presence about him, which is the very reason he gets paid to play roles like Luther Stickel in the Mission Impossible series of films, or the unforgettable Sergeant Kenneth Hall in 2004’s Dawn Of The Dead remake.

That’s why Rhames was chosen as the next celebrity to shill for Buick, following in the oversized shoes of Shaquille O’Neal. While we were somewhat cynical about O’Neal owning a Buick, we can see Rhames behind the wheel of one, driving to his country estate.

This much is clear: if we ever get invited there, we’re staying away from his wife and avoiding a tour of the roof at all costs.