There isn’t much we can say about the Subaru BRZ that hasn’t already been said. Designed to introduce the joy of driving to a new generation of enthusiasts, the car was built to provide exceptional handling and great ride comfort, all at an affordable price.

The key to the car’s handling prowess was keeping its center of gravity low, a feat helped by the car’s opposed-four “boxer” engine. Weight was reduced wherever possible, as weight is the enemy of performance and handling.

Finally, the car was fitted with an engine that produces modest-but-sufficient horsepower, with the understanding that the aftermarket would quickly provide parts to boost output and performance.

We’ll admit that these overview videos, narrated by the people in charge of the car’s development, are a bit dry. Worse, they’re in Japanese with English subtitles, but they’re still of interest to anyone who wants some insight on how much effort was put into this car. Subaru really did sweat the details, a fact clearly evident throughout the videos.

Unlike many of today’s “fast” cars, the Subaru BRZ didn’t start life as a grocery-getter, later enhanced by a stiffer suspension and more powerful engine. Instead, the BRZ was designed from the ground up as a driver’s car, built to an affordable price point. By our measure, that’s enough to make the car exceptional.