When Daimler finally made the decision to kill off the Maybach brand at the end of 2012, the news came as a surprise to no one. Sales of the ultra-luxury brand never managed to meet expectations, and some critics speculated that Daimler actually lost $400,000 on each Maybach sold.

Even the dismembered Maybach used to film the music video for “Otis” never managed to hit its pre-auction estimate, selling for just $60,000. If Jay-Z and Kanye West can’t make your brand desirable, what can?

Maybach is betting the answer to that question is cold, hard cash. To sell out remaining inventory, AOL Autos is reporting that the ultra-luxury automaker is offering rebates of up to $100,000 on the purchase of a new Maybach from dealer inventory.

We’re guessing the full rebate amount is valid only on the purchase of a Maybach 62, which has a starting retail price of $427,700. The gateway-to-the-brand Maybach 57, which starts at a more reasonable $376,300, will likely get a more modest rebate.

We can’t help but wonder how badly the rebate will impact Maybach values on the used market. While we doubt that many Maybach owners financed their purchases, finding out that a new car can be purchased for less than the former value of your lightly used Maybach 62 can’t sit well with owners.