Toyota’s GT 86, like its Scion and Subaru equivalents, was designed to be an affordable sport coupe that delivers driving fun to the masses. Affordable is in the eye of the beholder, since even the least-expensive Scion FR-S will carry a U.S. list price that starts at just under $25,000.

The Subaru BRZ will be better-equipped but pricier still, starting from $26,245. Factor in the inevitable dealer markup for a low-production, high-demand vehicle, and the real price of admission is likely to be in the $30,000 range.

That’s significant money for enthusiasts on a budget, perhaps looking to step up from a well-used current ride. Worse, you can’t buy a Scion or Subaru from a U.S dealer just yet, even if you do have the price of admission.

For fans on a budget, or those lucky enough to be awaiting delivery, here’s an alternative. Toyota Blog has found a papercraft Toyota GT 86 on the Gazoo Racing website, and the best part is that it’s free (excluding the cost of heavy paper and ink, of course).

Sure, you have to build it yourself and you don’t get a choice of colors or options. Still,  it’s a good way to kill time while you’re saving up your lunch money for a new Toyota/Scion/Subaru, or better yet, waiting for your dealer to call with news that your car has arrived.

You can download the PDF file of the Toyota GT 86 here.