The 2013 SRT Viper has been revealed. Click here for all the official details.

It’s quite possible that the 2013 SRT Viper is the most eagerly anticipated new product reveal in the history of Chrysler. That’s a bold statement for a car that won’t sell in quantities sufficient to drive up corporate profits, and one that won’t revolutionize transportation as we know it.

On the other hand, the 2013 SRT Viper represents hope, since it was a car that almost didn’t exist, from a manufacturer that nearly ceased to exist. Sure the Viper is wildly impractical and priced beyond the means of most drivers, but it remains an aspiration halo car for fans around the world.

In advance of tomorrow’s reveal, Beth Paretta, director of the SRT brand and motorsports, fielded questions from Autoweek readers on Twitter. While Paretta was careful not to reveal much in advance of tomorrow’s big show, a few tidbits of worthy information slipped out.

Although the MSRP has not yet been set, orders with deposits will be accepted by dealers in the third quarter, with inventory appearing at dealerships in December. As far as what’s new on the 2013 Viper, Paretta promised that the Viper would be offered in additional colors, although she didn’t specify what those colors might be.

As for the whole Dodge versus SRT debate, Vipers will be sold and serviced through specially trained Dodge dealers. Paretta didn’t go into detail about numbers or percentages, but this seems to mirror the approach of Dodge with the last Viper. As long as your local dealer is high enough in volume, chances are they’ll have access to Viper.

Expect the new Viper to come sporting LED daytime running lamps, as well as LED taillamps. While Paretta says there’s “not necessarily” brand-related performance restrictions on the new Viper, it’s a safe bet that most Viper buyers won’t be cross-shopping the Ferrari 458 Italia. The cars (and brands) exist in different demographics.

As for horsepower numbers, displacement, and whether or not the Viper will be launched in coupe and roadster versions simultaneously, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to add some meat to tonight’s filler. The reveal is scheduled for 11:55 AM Eastern time, and we’ll bring you the details shortly thereafter as part of our complete New York Auto Show coverage.