Quick: imagine the strangest car introduction video you’ve ever seen. Now imagine that same video, if the director had eaten a bucket full of LSD-laced popcorn before filming. The end result may be visually stimulating, but chances are good it's going to leave you scratching your head.

It also might produce a video on par with this Cirque du Soleil effort to show off the new Infiniti JX crossover. We’ve watched it four or five times, and the only thing we’ve leaned about the JX is that six Spandex-clad dancers can climb into the interior, leaving room for a driver.

The cargo area is also big enough for a clown dressed in oversized trousers to stretch out, and you can cram a lot of folded cloth back there, too. You don’t need hands to open the rear hatch, which is good if you’re carrying said cloth or tripping on said psychedelics, looking for a safe place to crash.

We’re not questioning the talent of the amazing Cirque du Soleil performers, nor are we questioning the comfort and ability of the Infiniti JX. It’s the blend of the two that leaves us puzzled, kind of like offering up fudge-drenched chicken livers or garlic ice cream.

Then again, we’re car people; maybe this fine art stuff is supposed to be over our heads.