The 2012 New York Auto Show is still a couple of days away, but the leaks are beginning to flow. Most recent is the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL Class, revised and updated rather thoroughly with sleeker looks and expected updates to engines and features.

Full information isn't yet in the wild, but we do have a nice double handful of photos to bring you, showing off the new sheetmetal, LED running lights, and chrome-stripped lower air dam. The leaked information and images come to us by way of and

The overall look of the new GL Class is slightly more aggressive, yet without going over the top--just about right for a three-row luxury SUV aimed at families more than executives looking for a raucous AMG-esque ride. All in all, the new GL Class may win buyers where the somewhat more staid previous model didn't.

Inside, the GL Class continues its highly refined, elegant themes, with supple leathers, wood-grain trim, and sculpted surfaces.

Expected--but not officially announced--powertrain options include both V-6 and V-8 engines, perhaps one or more bearing turbochargers, and a diesel six-cylinder.

We'll have full details, plus live photos and more from the floor of the New York Auto Show in just a few days.