So you thought folding clamshell hardtop roofs were the new hotness? Savage Rivale has another idea: the retractable telescopic multi-panel roof system, or RTMP. We like.

It's pretty simple--so simple, in fact, we can't believe it hasn't been done before. Of course, so far, it's just a computer animation, though Savage Rivale says they'll unveil the real prototype today. The RTMP was developed in cooperation with Inalfa Roof Systems.

After the unveiling, it will undergo another year of testing and fitting before going on a production Savage Rivale--though the company hasn't yet specified which model.

Given the limited production and availability of Savage Rivale's cars, however, we're really hoping some other carmaker finds this system practical and affordable and either licenses or copies it outright. We're not as concerned with the intellectual property as we are with seeing it on the road, in action.

Savage Rivale retractable telescopic multi panel roof system (RTMP) from Savage Rivale on Vimeo.