Savage Rivale

  • GLM G4, 2016 Paris auto show

    It’s been a while since we last heard from Dutch supercar startup Savage Rivale. The company made headlines in 2011 when it unveiled a four-door, four-seat convertible supercar called the Roadyacht GTS. It rode on Savage’s own chassis and featured a powertrain borrowed from the Corvette but never reached production. Savage lists factors such as high development costs, lack of a bespoke powertrain and lack of brand heritage as key reasons why the project never took off. Savage has since changed its focus to work on pure design, not only for the automotive segment but also luxury...

  • 2012 Savage Rivale live photos
    Savage Rivale GTR Live Photos: Top Marques Monaco 2012

    Dutch firm Savage Rivale is working on a brand new supercar, but rather than going the traditional route of building a cramped two-seater and strapping a big engine to it the guys at Savage have managed to build something much more substantial. Their creation is the Roadyacht GTS, which made its...

  • Savage Rivale RTMP telescopic roof system
    Savage Rivale Releases First Animation Of Telescopic Roof System: Video

    So you thought folding clamshell hardtop roofs were the new hotness? Savage Rivale has another idea: the retractable telescopic multi-panel roof system, or RTMP. We like. It's pretty simple--so simple, in fact, we can't believe it hasn't been done before. Of course, so far, it's just a computer...

  • Savage Rivale GTR race car
    2012 Savage Rivale GTR Unveiled

    The first official details and images of the Savage Rivale GTR have just been released, showing the racing version of the Roadyacht in full livery. The lightweight, high-power hand-built Dutch limited-edition racer looks ready to do business. Based on its specs, that business will be serious...

  • Savage Rivale Roadyacht  GTS
    Savage Rivale: Netherlands' Roadyacht GTS comes to life

    Savage Rivale is an ambitious startup based in the Netherlands and working hard on not just a new car, but a whole new segment. That segment, albeit a niche one, is the four-door convertible supercar segment, a void which in the very near future will be filled by the striking Savage Rivale...

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