Movies stars in Hollywood are a dime a dozen, and you can’t go for lunch without tripping over B-list celebrities (or occasionally, giving your food orders to them). Still, even in Hollywood, some stars have lasting power.

Ken’s Collision Center has its share of famous clients, and its walls are filled with posters of satisfied customers like Tom Cruise. That said, one of its favorite celebrity clients isn’t exactly a household name in bible-belt states.

Ron Hyatt began his career as a special education teacher in New York City before reaching his peak with films like The Boondock Saints. Along the way, the actor branched out into another type of film industry, thanks to his unique range.

Going by his stage name, Ron Hyatt is perhaps best known as Ron Jeremy, though not everyone is familiar with the body of his work, which also includes a run on VH1's The Surreal Life. Ken’s Collision Center recognized the star instantly, even though Jeremy opted to use his legal name to set the appointment.

Countering the myth that all stars of all stripes drive Porsches and live in mansions, Jeremy brought his dented Toyota in to Ken’s for repair.

As quoted in USA Today, Ken’s Collision Center owner Ken Corrales said he knew it was Jeremy on the spot.

Jeremy also brought referral business with him as well, prompting Corrales to boast, “He sent some people over; they were some really pretty girls. Really pretty.”

The actor also dropped off copies of his latest film, a horror comedy with a name that decorum prohibits us from listing here. While we’re sure that Tom Cruise is a good customer, too, Ron Jeremy just sounds like more fun.

Image credit: Nate "Igor" Smith, used under CC 3.0