Wrecked Maybach in Kanye West and Jay-Z film clip for Otis

Wrecked Maybach in Kanye West and Jay-Z film clip for Otis

Remember that perfectly good Maybach 57 that was ripped apart and modified into something that would look right at home on the set of Mad Max?

Well, it’s now up for auction, with all proceeds going to help the Save the Children charity organization.

The luxury sedan, which had an original value of close to $350,000, was destroyed for the sake of art in a music video clip performed by Jay-Z and Kanye West for the remake of the classic song Otis.

Auction firm Phillips de Pury & Company is handling the sale and predicts the car, even in its degraded state, will fetch more than $100k. The funds raised will help communities in parts of East Africa that have been devastated by recent droughts.

The auction will take place at a special event in New York City on March 8.

Despite Maybach's demise, and the fact that the brand--in its modern iteration at least--has very few fans, seeing a perfectly good car destroyed for a music video is somewhat sad though we’re sure the move would have paid off in terms of the attention it’s likely to have garnered for the two rap stars. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a new trend among artists.