Giving hints at how the next Prius might look--and the technology it might incorporate--Toyota's FT-Bh concept makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Sitting in the B-segment, similar in size to the Yaris, the FT-Bh takes Toyota's well-proven hybrid technology to a new level, with efficiency that would put it way in front of rivals.

Central to this is the aerodynamic body, which has a drag coefficient of 0.235, compared to the 0.29 Cd average for the class. The sloping roof and clean sides allows airflow directed around the front to remain attached to the car, before being released at the sharply cut-off rear end.

Toyota has also kept the weight low, and the FT-Bh tips the scales at only 1,730 pounds, and the engine itself is 88 lbs lighter than the 1.8-liter unit in the Prius.

Under the hood, Toyota has given the FT-Bh two engine choices. Both are based on a 1.0-liter, twin-cylinder gasoline engine with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, but while one is a regular hybrid with a target of 112 MPG, the other is a plug-in hybrid, the extra electric range taking economy to 294 MPG. Each is also incredibly clean, releasing only minimal emissions.

While a model like the FT-Bh may not hit the market for some time yet, you can expect to see hints from the design appear on future Toyota hybrids.

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