Crossovers currently fulfil the role of multitaskers in the automotive world--crossing SUVs with minivans, compact cars with SUVs and coupes with anything that'll fit.

Engineering firm Magna Steyr is combining three vehicles into one with its latest design study, the MILA Coupic, due next week at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Magna Steyr describes the MILA Coupic as "a dynamic SUV coupe which can be transformed into a sporty pick-up or an open-air convertible".

We make that four in one (SUV, coupe, pick-up, convertible), but we assume it can only be three vehicles at any one time. It's certainly a sporty-looking design, and with strong hints of SUV in the lower portion and a coupe-like roofline, it's probably closest in ethos to the Range Rover Evoque.

When closed, it seats five, and the large soft-top can fold back to give those passengers a sports car-like feeling. The front and rear sections can open independently too. Each soft folding roof section has transparent glass panels to improve the interior's ambience, and they also help make the roof more rigid.

If you don't need space for five, the rear seat module can fold upwards at the touch of a button, closing off the cabin from the open rear deck and turning the Coupic into a sporty pickup--a modern-day el Camino, if you like.

Magna Steyr says the concept is built on three levels--a sturdy, robust base with SUV characteristics, a safe and comfortable middle layer, and the sportiness and elegance of a coupe finishing off the top.

There's only one image so far and no details about the car's powertrain, but more is expected to be revealed when the Geneva Motor Show opens to the press on March 6.