Last month, we brought you a video from Daniel O’Grady, showing classic American muscle cars seemingly abandoned in a lot in Kurume City, Kyushu, Japan. The big question on O’Grady’s mind, as well as on our own, was, “why?”

We still don’t have an answer as to why the cars have been left to the elements, but O’Grady did manage to track down the property owner, who reluctantly answered a few (very few, in fact) questions.

The Camaro Z28 seen in the first video, which looks to be a 1970 1/2 model, was a one-owner U.S. car, before it was sold and exported to Japan. By all accounts, it’s  numbers-matching, with the only modification being a change to the final drive gearing.

Time hasn’t been kind to the Camaro, and tinworm has made this particular specimen all but worthless for anything other than scrap and spare parts. Even the interior looks to be beyond reasonable salvage, as evidenced by the sagging headliner and crumbling rear deck.

Were it a 1969 Camaro with the ZL1 package and a value well into six figures, a restoration may have made financial sense. Instead, this particular Z28 appears doomed to live out the rest of its days, in good but sad company, in a distant Japanese parking lot.