The 2013 SRT Viper has been revealed. Click here for all the official details.

Chrysler’s SRT brand has been very careful not to let spy photographers get a good look at the upcoming 2013 Viper. Most of the shots we’ve seen are clearly of last generation test mules, albeit ones with new-Viper underpinnings.

We’re still expecting the reveal to happen at April’s New York Auto Show, but SRT is offering us a peek beneath the curtain in advance. As you’d expect, there’s a catch: you have to log on to Facebook and like DriveSRT.

If the DriveSRT Facebook page hits 10,000 likes by February 1, the Chrysler performance brand promises to release a teaser image of the new Viper. Since the page is only a few hundred “Likes” away, we’re betting it’ll hit 10k “Likes” by the end of the day, let alone the end of the month.

We’ve vetted this with SRT’s social media folks, who confirm it’s 100 percent legit. If you want to see the new Viper, or at least part of the new Viper, in undisguised form, head on over to the DriveSRT Facebook page and hit the “Like” button.