Two leaders in the growing field of lightweight automotive engineering recently partnered for the development of a new electric sports car prototype.

Called the Teewave AR.1, the carbon fiber infused electric sports car was the creation of the eponymous Gordon Murray Design, whose founder was one of the key men behind the development of the legendary McLaren F1 supercar.

Also providing support for the Teewave AR.1’s development was Japanese firm Toray, an expert in the manufacture of carbon fiber and a supplier to major automakers such as Daimler, Toyota, and Nissan.

Today the two firms have announced a technical partnership. The aim is to work together on several key areas covering further development of Gordon Murray Design’s iStream manufacturing system as well as research and development of lightweight materials and construction in the automotive sector.

In particular, the partnership presents an opportunity to combine the firms’ core capabilities to achieve technological advancements in the use of carbon fiber and other key materials in volume production as well as the further development of structural thermoplastics, advanced crash structures and automotive safety.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Gordon Murray said, “Working with Toray on the Teewave program was a great platform to launch a technical partnership from. We look forward to working together with Toray on many more ground-breaking technology programs”.

What does this mean for Gordon Murray Design and its own minicar project? Despite unveiling several prototypes the design firm remains quiet on any launch date though insists the minicar and its new iStream manufacturing system is real. Perhaps today’s announcement is another step towards the new minicar becoming a reality.