Porsche’s CEO, Matthias Mueller, sees expansion of the company’s product offerings as key to achieving 200,000 annual unit sales by 2018. The problem is, Mueller sees that opportunity in a very different segment of the market than many who aspire to own a Porsche sports car with a factory warranty.

By Mueller’s logic, last year’s uber-911, the 911 GT2 RS, cost approximately 250,000 euros ($316,075) in Europe. The company’s upcoming hybrid supercar, the 918, will sticker at 750,000 euros ($948,225), which leaves a 500,000 euro ($632,150) sandbox for Porsche to play in.

That’s the segment of the market that Mueller wants Porsche to compete in, so he’s pushing for the development of a new sports car, in the 300-400,000 euro ($379,290-$505,720) range, to be positioned above the 911.

As for the rumored entry-level roadster, Automotive News (subscription required) cites an interview that Mueller gave to Wirtschaftswoche (Economic Week), where he said, “Possibly we need to wait until the next generation of customers before the idea of a small roadster will work for Porsche.”

That’s a very Germanic way of saying, “not on my watch.” Those seeking an entry-level Porsche will have to be content with the upcoming Cajun compact crossover, which Mueller expects will account for over a quarter of the brand’s sales.

If you want an affordable, entry-level Porsche sports car, das tut mir leid. Better luck next generation.