Chevrolet has given us a vision of what it thinks buyers of the future, today’s youth, will seek when it comes time for them to drop their hard-earned at a dealership.

That vision comes in the form of two striking sports car concepts unveiled today at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show: the retro-styled Code 130R and the more exotic Tru 140S.

Both are small and fuel efficient, though the Code 130R is also somewhat sporty thanks to its turbocharged engine, optional six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive layout.

Chevy is looking for potential customer input with these concepts before deciding which--if any--to build, so if you like the look of the vehicle in this latest live photos gallery you better give your local Chevrolet dealer a call and let them know.

You can get a better understanding of the reasoning behind Chevy’s new concepts in The Car Connection’s more detailed report. And if you want to see what else the 2012 Detroit Auto Show has to offer, click here for our dedicated show page.