If you haven't been tracking the progress of Lamborghini's rumored rebirth of the SUV, you could be forgiven--but now Bentley is working on one of its own, and the Lamborghini is looking likely as well. Hyperlux SUV battle royale? We like it.

In other news, yet another Ferrari 458 Italia has been crashed, this time outside a Dominican Republic nightclub. Nothing like putting the disparity between wallet and talent on public display.

Bentley was on a tear in 2011, selling 7,000 cars. That's well short of its pre-global-financial-meltdown high of 10,000-plus annually, but could 2012 see further recovery?

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Bentley SUV in the works, Lamborghini's looking likely.

Ferrari 458 Italia crashed outside Dominican nightclub. Hooray? Boo?

Hyundai and Kia are working to expand hybrid and electric capability with new investments.

Fiat Ellezero compact crossover primed to do battle with Fiesta-based crossover?

Ford is getting ready for the Rallye Monte Carlo's return to WRC this year.

Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota score 100 percent on LGBT workplace equality.

Bentley sold 7,000 cars in 2011, sees improvement toward end of year.

San Diego dealer will be the first to sell the Coda electric car.

Reiter Engineering shows off its Gallardo LP600+ GT3 race car.

HiGear luxury car-sharing service shuts its doors after theft ring steals four cars valued at $300,000.