Aston Martin Rapide crash captured on video

Aston Martin Rapide crash captured on video

Italian surfboard designer Roberto Ricci is cruising down a highway in his Aston Martin Rapide back in July, showing off to a passenger his car’s abilities when all of a sudden it skids and smashes into a guard rail.

Luckily, for us at least, the whole incident was captured on film by the passenger, Mpora editor Dave White, who was holding a handheld camera at the time.

It appears as though Ricci, instead of hitting the “Sport” mode, accidentally switched off the Rapide’s stability control and when proceeding down an exit ramp at some speed loses control of the car.

This propels it into a guardrail, resulting in the painful damage you see here. None of the car's airbags were deployed and it appears that neither Ricci nor White appear to have sustained any injuries.

In fact, their attitude seems somewhat jovial after the crash.

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