Ah, celebrity endorsement, where would we be without you?

We certainly wouldn't have half as much amusement in our lives from watching singers and film stars do the most embarrassing adverts imaginable in exchange for a big suitcase full of money.

It appears George Clooney likes big suitcases full of money.

He recently did a cringeworthy advert for the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz E-Class L in China.

The 45-second whirlwind sees him arranging a date, but upon chauffeured arrival at the restaurant with his lady friend, he's mobbed by the press. Ever the hero, George takes over the driving to find a secluded little place in the hills where the owner knows his name (presumably he's a regular there--George, you old sly dog you).

Still, George isn't the first celeb to advertise a car. J Lo has done an ad for the Fiat 500 and Australian pop starlet Kylie Minogue is currently advertising the Lexus CT 200h in Europe, along with Burlesque star Dita von Teese who strips off in an advert for the Renault Clio subcompact. And that's just a small selection.

It was so easy in the past, before the days of Youtube. Celebs could do an embarrassing ad in a country far away from their own and people back home would be none the wiser...