Bonuses for hard work are nothing new: in fact, the concept has probably been around as long as paid employment. Dangle a big enough carrot in front of a horse (or in this case, an actor), and chances are good that you’ll get him to work hard.

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is motivated by his art, not by money. In fact, the phenomenally successful actor has earned enough money in his career to buy about any reward he’d care to have, which makes finding a gift for his work on a film a challenge for producers.

In Depp’s upcoming film, The Rum Diary, his character drives a 1959 Corvette, which features in director Bruce Robinson’s favorite scene (which also includes Depp and actress Amber Heard). When production wrapped, Robinson gave the ’59 Corvette to Depp as a “thank you” gift for the actor’s hard work on the film.

As Robinson told USA Today, Depp was “pretty blown away” by the gift, proving that even jaded actors can be taken by surprise on occasion. Jaded automotive writers like to be surprised, too, so if any wealthy fans want to show their appreciation to the High Gear staff, Corvettes of any year are always appreciated.

Image credit: Bull Doser