For the liquor connoisseur that has everything, Porsche Design has come out with the ultimate private bar designed specifically for Johnnie Walker’s prestigious Blue Label blended Scotch whisky.

Priced from £100,000 (approximately $155,360), only 50 of these beauties are destined for worldwide sale, all of them made-to-order.

Of course, each unit is crafted from the finest materials and combines classic and contemporary design into a piece that blends form and function--something you’d expect considering it costs nearly as much as two new Porsche 911s.

Some of its features include motion sensors to activate its automated opening sequence, a custom Porsche Design Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle holder, four crystal glasses, and a hidden chilled compartment comprising a bespoke crystal ice bucket, stainless steel tongs, four further crystal glasses, and a crystal jug of iced water.

Standing at over six and a half feet, and crafted from brushed stainless steel, natural shagreen leather and Australian lace wood, the bar would be the perfect addition to any modern home though getting your hands on one is no easy task.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label private bar will be sold mostly through exclusive private auctions and invitation-only events, however, a few will be sold through select luxury retail outlets from this month onwards.