We’ve visited Texas on many occasions, and while we’ve generally had a good time in the Lone Star State, we’ve never had as much fun as David Coulthard in the video below, found on Autoblog. The former F1 star, turned Red Bull Renault exhibition driver, gets to run from ranch hands, spin donuts in front of the state capital and drive the yet-to-be completed Circuit of the Americas F1 track, under construction outside of Austin.

In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing that no F1 team has invited us to play with a multi-million dollar F1 car on a ranch, or on an unpaved F1 track. While we consider ourselves above-average journalist drivers (which is itself damning with faint praise), we know our limitations.

In fact, behind the wheel of a modern F1 car, we’d be hard-pressed to lap an F1 track with anything remotely resembling speed or skill. We’d be happy to recreate this video in a Ford F150 SVT Raptor, however, if anybody wants to extend us the offer.