Rotary Supercars Teaser

Rotary Supercars Teaser

If the Rotary Supercars Predator GT and Transtar Dagger GT are a little too real and tangible for you, the former manufacturer has something much more vapory and shifty.

Despite not having built an actual Predator GT yet, the company has already moved on to teasing its next great thing.

It's working on doubling the rotors over the Predator GT, creating an eight-rotor behemoth that outputs 2,801 horsepower and 2,580 pound-feet of torque.

Rotary is promising some ridiculous numbers. It says the car will be able to hit 60 mph in less than a second. It won't stop until it hits nearly 280 mph. In that case, it would not only beat the Bugatti Veyron in acceleration and speed, it would destroy it.

But, unlike the Veyron, the Rotary car doesn't actually exist. And given Rotary's (lack of) track record, we're not to confident that it ever will. After launching a computer-generated rendering of a car it called the Raptor GT in 2010, Rotary took a lot of heat for basically photoshopping a Ferrari 599 GTB. So, it went back to the draft table and came out with an all-new car that it renamed the Predator GT.

The Predator GT is pretty over-the-top on its own, promising up to 1,200 horses from its four-rotor design. Of course, that 1,200 horsepower is only available on paper, since the Predator GT still doesn't exist.

So basically, Rotary Supercars has teased a new car that looks, smells and feels like complete vaporware before actually building the car it already had planned. Rotary tells us to expect a car at the Top Monaco Marques event next year, but we'll believe that when we see it.

What do you think: Will the 2,700 horsepower, 300 mph Transtar Dagger GT or the 2,800 horsepower, one-second-to-60 mph Rotary be the first to capture a world speed record?

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