UPDATE: It turns out the Ferrari F40 supercar that was crashed in Houston, Texas last week may have been driven to its death by a mechanic and not the actual owner. We say death, as the $500,000 Ferrari is believed to be a write-off as its frame has been damaged. The worst part is that the owner, away in Europe at the time, bought the car brand new and has been driving it ever since, reports Jalopnik.

The mechanic alleged to have been driving the car is said to have been traveling at speeds in excess of 60 mph. The area in which the crash occurred, the corner of Hempstead Road and 34th Street in Northwest Houston, is a 35 mph zone.

An ultra-rare Ferrari F40 supercar has crashed in Houston, Texas, the wreckage of which can be seen above. No other details are known except that the crash is believed to have occurred at a busy interchange between I-610 and I-290 where some heavy construction is taking place.

The driver was allegedly speeding before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a nearby building.

While the rear of the car, the part where the engine lies, looks largely intact, the front-end damage appears quite severe but hopefully not beyond repair.

Nothing would be sadder than to see one of Ferrari’s greatest cars ever built, the last under the watchful eye of company founder Enzo Ferrari, to be written off. The one positive is that at least the owner of this F40 actually drove it instead of letting it sit idle in some garage.

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you an update as more details breaks.


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