Danica Patrick, the female racing phenom, GoDaddy spokesperson, and possessor of what is quite possibly the most annoying personal website on the Internet, is rumored to be making the switch from full-time IndyCar racing to the oval-obsessed fields of NASCAR. She won't give up on the Indy 500, however.

She won't just straight into the deep waters of the Sprint Cup series, however. Instead she'll join Travis Pastrana in the Nationwide series, assuming Pastrana doesn't break another leg/foot/hand/etc.

According to the Associated Press, Patrick's planning to run the Nationwide series full-time as a driver for JR Motorsports, with occasional Sprint Cup appearances for Stewart-Haas.

Patrick hasn't yet made the announcement official, nor have the other named parties to the deal, but among the bargaining it's said that Patrick has kept open access to a seat for the Indy 500.

Hit the link below for the details, such as they are now.