Nurburgring race track

Nurburgring race track

Over the past several days ominous dark clouds have surrounded the pristine hills of the Eifel, the home of the infamous Nurburgring race track where this weekend’s 2011 Formula 1 German Grand Prix is taking place.

It looks like the rain clouds will be descending towards the track for today’s race, and top temperatures are only likely to reach a chilly 55 degrees F. We did see some wet weather towards the end of practice yesterday.

The weather at the Nurburgring is notoriously unpredictable, able to switch from heavy downfalls of rain to icy cold winds in a matter of minutes. You may recall that only four years ago the F1 race at the Nurburgring had to be stopped due to heavy rain.

And with the weather for today’s race forecast for rain, let’s hope the same doesn’t happen again.

As mentioned in our race preview, all eyes will be on Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso to see if he can repeat his winning performance at the previous British Grand Prix and inject some much needed excitement into this year’s F1 season.

Nevertheless, Sebastian Vettel remains at the top of the Drivers’ Championship points table with a clear lead of 80 points over second placed Mark Webber, who stands on 124 points. Fernando Alonso stands in third place with 112 points and is just ahead of fourth placed Lewis Hamilton of McLaren on 109 points.

Not surprisingly, Red Bull Racing is leading the Constructors’ Championship with 328 points, followed by McLaren on 218 points and Ferrari on 164 points.

Enjoy today’s race and stay tuned for our full results coverage tomorrow.