2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe IPL live from Pebble Beach

2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe IPL live from Pebble Beach

Stepping up to compete with the bundled service and maintenance features sold by much of its luxury competition, Infiniti launched a new service this week called "Infiniti Personal Assistant." It aims to offer 24-hour concierge service to new Inifniti owners.

What can this personal concierge do for you? Give them a call, whether in the car or out, and they can offer:

  • Directory Assistance and Driving Directions
  • City Guides
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Dining Suggestions and Reservations
  • Movie Times and Reviews
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Schedule Reminders
  • Stock Market Information
  • Sports Scores and Stats, General Trivia Answers
  • Consumer Product Reviews and Price Comparisons

The Personal Assistant service is part of Infiniti's Total Ownership Exerience, the brand's push to bring its dealer interaction and customer service up to world-class luxury levels--an issue that has troubled many of the newer or lower-end luxury marques.

The Personal Assistant will be included with the purchase of any new Infiniti, and includes four years of access. Four years of access for a "companion account" that authorizes a second mobile phone number is available for an additional fee. Infiniti Certified pre-owned car buyers can add a four-year contract, and standard pre-owned buyers can add a 1-year contract.

A nine-month test period in four major cities has just been completed, and Infiniti plans to roll the service out to all of its markets within 90 days.