Going straight onto All Car Tech's list of things we want is a new electric camper van by design collective NAU, known as Ecco.

Describing it as a camper van almost doesn't do it justice, though. The teardropped vehicle is more like a Transformer, changing from efficient and spacious vehicle into a sail-like home with space for five, revealing beds and even a toilet.

Adhering to the camping ethos of "leave only footprints, take nothing but pictures" the Ecco is a zero-local-emissions vehicle that aims to be both economical as a vehicle and efficient as a micro home. Constructed from lightweight aluminum and augmented with solar panels, the streamlined shape can transform by opening upwards to increase space and reveals transparent panels to improve your view.

If there's no light for the solar panels then you can recharge the onboard battery and power your camping gear via a 240V socket.

At eight feet wide, sixteen feet long and six feet tall when on the move it's around half a foot shorter, 1.5 feet wider and a little lower than a 2011 Ford Flex, making it quite a streamlined machine. NAU's images compare it with the classic Volkswagen Bus - it's quite a bit wider, but in profile, much more sleek.

There's no word on price yet but we think it looks fantastic. If it has enough range to make the typical camping trip a reality, we'd love to see it on the road.

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