Professor Gordon Murray is a busy chap right now. Fresh from revealing his T.27 electric city car and taking time out to re-design the iconic Batmobile, he's now announced a partnership between his company Gordon Murray Design (GMD) and UK-based ACAL Energy to develop a low-cost fuel cell vehicle.

The ex- McLaren road car and Grand Prix car designer will be involved in developing an inexpensive fuel cell vehicle for the future based on his revolutionary iStream production process.

The low energy, low cost production method would significantly improve the chances of a fuel cell vehicle being produced at an economical price, cost having been a major barrier until now for fuel cell cars.

GMD was one of 14 companies receiving government support to carry out studies into the development of low carbon vehicle technology. With iStream and the recently released T.25 and T.27 gasoline and electric city cars, GMD has taken a holistic approach to reducing energy in all aspects of a vehicle's lifecycle.

ACAL Energy will be responsible for developing the fuel cell engine. Their Flowcath technology eliminates the need for expensive platinum in the cell, which also helps reduce the ecological impact of platinum mining.

The partnership is part of a 12-month feasibility study supported by a $2.6 million funding program.

Speaking with the UK-based Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Professor Murray shared his thoughts on the partnership.

“The team at Gordon Murray Design are very excited to be working with ACAL Energy in another new area where we can continue to push the boundaries of innovation".