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  • Solar Panels by Flickr user Chandra Marsono

    Solar panel technology has, thus far, not been of much use for automobiles. You may be able to specify a small solar panel on the 2011 Nissan Leaf or 2012 Toyota Prius, but it's mainly used to top up the energy needed to power accessories such as your air conditioning or in-car entertainment. As a system for charging electric vehicles from your home however, solar is much more effective, particularly for those in sunny climates. Houses have much larger areas to which solar panels can be mounted. As it turns out though, they aren't as efficient as they could be, thanks to a discovery made by a...

  • NAO Ecco electric camper van
    What's That Ecco? High Tech, Green, Electric Camper Van

    Going straight onto All Car Tech's list of things we want is a new electric camper van by design collective NAU, known as Ecco. Describing it as a camper van almost doesn't do it justice, though. The teardropped vehicle is more like a Transformer, changing from efficient and spacious vehicle into a...

  • Solar Panels by Flickr user Chandra Marsono
    Solar Windows For Buildings: Will Cars Get The Tech Next?

    A Californian start-up has just received an award of $100,000 as part of the "GE ecomagination Challenge" for an energy-saving idea that could change the way that buildings are constructed. Pythagoras Solar from San Mateo has created windows laced with solar cells and the potential benefits for...

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