Ferrari 458 Italia driving lesson

Ferrari 458 Italia driving lesson

Learning to drive can be a strenuous situation for many, however, imagine if you were learning to drive in a brand new Ferrari worth a quarter of a million dollars? Somehow, we imagine the teen learning to drive with this Ferrari 458 Italia won’t mind too much.

This particular supercar was spotted on a busy London street with the proverbial learner ‘L’ sticker attached to its window.

To ensure the sticker wasn’t just there to fool onlookers, one bystander, YouTube user Shmee150, managed to meet the owner of the car, a father who was in fact teaching his son to drive with the 570 horsepower, 4.5-liter mid-engine exotic. 

Enjoy the video and then click here for full details, plus our own impressions, on the latest Ferrari 458 Italia.

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