Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO

Everyone knows Ferraris are meant to be red, don’t they? Well, perhaps not as the number of Ferrari models leaving the factory in Maranello in the classic red paint scheme is on the decline. Just a decade ago, a whopping 85 percent of all Ferraris built sported red liveries. Today, that figure is around the 45 percent mark.

Red, or Rosso Corsa to be more specific, has been used to identify Italian cars and drivers since the very earliest days of motorsports. After sponsor-inspired liveries were introduced to Formula 1 in the 1960s, Ferrari remained the only constructor to stick with tradition and continue to paint its race cars red.

Consequently, its production cars and sports cars were identified with that color for quite some time thereafter. In fact, there was a saying around Modena that went ‘cinc sghei püssè ma russ’ (a few liras more so long as it’s red).

Today, however, customers love to personalize their cars and one of the best ways to do this is by choosing a relatively unique color. According to Ferrari, this is one of the personalization areas that have developed rapidly in the last few years, not merely in terms of the number of colors available but also the technologies used.

Of late, there has been something of a surge in the popularity of two-tone liveries. However, clients can also provide a color sample from which their car’s paintwork will be copied, which means the choice of color your new Ferrari can come in is virtually unlimited.