Ziggy Marley's 2003 VW Eurovan. Image: Autotrader

Ziggy Marley's 2003 VW Eurovan. Image: Autotrader

As celebrity cars go, the 2003 VW Eurovan once owned by reggae star and herbal remedy proponent Ziggy Marley is fairly mild. It doesn’t have a twin-turbo V-12, it doesn’t sport an outlandish paint job and despite what you’re probably thinking, the body kit wasn’t manufactured from hemp.

It does sport a tasteful drop, nice wheels and an audio / video system that probably rivals most home theaters. In fact, the current owner often drives it to the park just to watch movies in the van on one of its four monitors. It also has a working cigarette lighter, should you feel the urge to spark up a "mosquito coil," to, um, keep the bugs down.

Eurovans aren’t exactly a common sight in the United States, and this one hasn’t racked up much mileage over the years. In fact, it’s only got a little over 13,000 miles on the clock, most of which we’d guess was accumulated under the speed limit, with a big grin on the driver’s face.

The asking price of $30,000 is about $10,000 more than what a 2003 Eurovan with a non-celebrity pedigree would sell for, but you’re buying a piece of music history that just happens to double as a daily driver. That may not be all you’re buying, so we’d advise you to search between the seat cushions well before you ponder a cross-border trip to Canada. Interested? See the ad on Autotrader, or hit their archives after the van sells.