Scion app

Scion app

Jailbreaking your iPhone may be legal now, but that doesn't mean the UI perfectionistas at Apple will let other megacorporations have their way with the lovely walled garden that is the iPhone.

Two tech sites report today that Apple has come down on Toyota for promoting an app that puts custom Scion skins, or themes, on jailbroken iPhones. The technology company has asked Toyota to pull the app and remove the skins before reinstating it.

The Scion app was created by a Toyota advertising agency, Velti, and has only been available for a few days via Cydia, another app that lets users surf the Web for apps written explicitly for jailbroken phones.

The report says Toyota pulled the themes to preserve its relationship with the computer and consumer-electronics giant. Apple's notoriously rigid stance against jailbreaking doesn't mean the act is illegal, though--a 2010 court ruling deemed this kind of jailbreaking legal, though it voids the device's warranty. 

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