The cost of parking a brand new Infiniti in your driveway got a little more dear this week, as Infiniti announced price increases pretty much across the board. While most of the increases were moderate, the big Infiniti QX56's price went up $850, and the sporty IPL G Coupe went up $950.

The company has announced price increases pretty much across the board, effective March 15. The price increases on G, EX, QX and FX models all took place immediately. For the most part, the price increases aren't particularly substantial, with the exception of the Infiniti IPL G Coupe and the QX56, which get price bumps of $950 and $850, respectively.

Model Price Bump New MSRP
G25 Sedan



G37 Sedan
$400 $35,800
G37 Coupe
$500 $37,150
G37 Convertible
$750 $45,750
IPL G Coupe
$950 $48,900
EX 35


QX56 $850 $58,700
FX35 $550 $42,600
FX50 $650 $57,600

While most of the price increases seem reasonable, with the lower-priced cars getting a smaller bump, the extra $950 for the IPL G Coupe seems pretty extreme. It's not that the IPL isn't a good car, but tacking on nearly $1,000 extra seems a little much.

Infiniti notes that the 2012 M cars -- including the new M hybrid -- aren't affected by the price bumps, and of course this doesn't include the destination and handling charge. There's also no word on whether this is 2012 pricing, or if you can expect another nudge upward this fall.

Source: Infiniti