It's T-minus three hours before we post up our first drive of the 2011 Aston Martin Vantage S, but this video clip sitting in a desktop folder should tide you over for about 180 more minutes.

Aston captured the Vantage on the Ascari Race Resort track before the first American and Aussie journalists showed up last week to drive the car on a dank, windy day--wind you can hear over the Vantage S' muscular quad-exhaust soundtrack.

The video shows off Ascari's challenging layout, where you're already looking for solutions from the first set of double apexes. For the serious car-sickness action, flip ahead to the 4:38 mark and pretend you're one of those strap-on, Go-Pro cameras. As you can see, they like to focus on the very closest objects--aka, the track surface--so it's not a video for the easily queasy. Don't worry: it all calms down for a tranquil three-minute set of beauty shots, which doesn't seem like enough with the brilliantly tasteful Aston.

What was it like to throw the Vantage around on Ascari's "technical" corners? We'll tell you in a few hours. In the meantime, dial up some coffee, and dial down the volume if you're still cube-bound, or better yet, find some earplugs and enjoy.