Since its introduction, the BMW X6 has been one of those vehicles that makes you cock your head like a confused collie whenever you see it.

BMW says it's sporty, but even though it's pretty quick, its Suburban-size width and 2.5 tons of weight fight you around every corner. The X6's crazy roofline means that cargo space is pretty poor for a vehicle this size, and panel vans have better visibility. Even though it's a crossover, the suspension tuning is exclusively for on-road use, so forget about being the coolest guy at the campground. It's massive, but passenger space is laughably small, with only two seats in front, and the rear bench split by a center console.

It's also really expensive.

BMW is attempting to make the X6 slightly less useless by adding a center position to the rear seating area so you can take a very skinny fifth person with you.The option -- accommodating an extra person will cost you more money -- will eliminate the center console between the two outboard positions for an additional passenger spot and three-point seatbelt. It will only be available on the X6 xDrive35i, xDrive50i and M models; ActiveHybrids will remain slaves to the four-passenger style.

BMW also dressed up the interior a little bit more, with three new leather colors, the full suite of ConnectedDrive smartphone integration, and paddle shifters for the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Still, you have to ask yourself: The BMW X5 weighs the same, looks better, is just as quick, you can see out of it, carry more people, and pay less money.  It even comes in a relatively thrifty diesel version

So, what was the point of the X6 again?