Late last year reports of a plug-in hybrid version of the Cadillac SRX surfaced, and though GM did not confirm them, neither did it deny such a vehicle was in the works. Today GM CEO Dan Akerson, while talking about future EV and extended-range EV (EREV) strategy, revealed that the SRX plug-in is, in fact, "likely."

The report, from the Detroit Free Press, puts the timeline in the 2012-2013 range. That mates well with previous reports, and it would fit with the need to give all of GM's brands more green sheen.

A plug-in hybrid SRX would also be better positioned to compete with the likes of the Lexus RX Hybrid, or the possible diesels coming to Cadillac's German competition in the near future.

Beyond the SRX, there are plans for more hybrids or electric-assisted vehicles, as well. The XTS Concept showed what such a drivetrain might look like in a flagship sedan, for example, and the Converj Concept previewed what may be the future of high-style electric coupes at the brand--though that's certainly down the road.

Akerson also mentioned plans for an EREV hatchback, though what form that might take is anybody's guess at this point. Could the new Sonic or the foreign-market hatchback version of the Cruze get the nod? Or will it be a variation on the Volt, a la the new Prius line? Whatever shape it takes, it will likely sport a version of the Volt's powertrain. A multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is also on the docket, according to Akerson.

Look for the new vehicles to start popping up at auto shows over the next year.

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