If you feel your car is a small environment of potential office space you're not making the best of, then Vogel's new iPad mounting system might be of interest.

We'd never condone using an iPad whilst you're actually driving, but if you're caught at a rest stop or some business partners are getting itchy fingers and playing with your stereo controls, a vehicle kit that allows you to mount an iPad to the rear of a headrest could be just what you need.

The system is a simple, clean and robust-looking design that shouldn't look too out of place in the back of your car, and the rotating 'Ringo' mount will allow either portrait or landscape orientation. Your iPad simply slots into a protective case with a chamfered hole on the reverse side. The kit is easily fitted and doesn't need to be permanently affixed to your vehicle like some cell phone holders.

It seems a great solution for in-car iPad use, and saves you from having to hold the device with one hand or balance it on your knee.

The case will also let you fix your iPad onto various other mounts for home or office use.

Prices for the case and wall mount start at $69, with other kits varying in price.