Late last night, Lexus issued a voluntary recall of approximately 245,000 vehicles over the faulty installation of a fuel pressure sensor. The affected vehicles are 2006-2007 Lexus GS300 and GS350 sedans, 2006 through early-production 2009 Lexus IS250 sedans, and 2006 through early-production 2008 Lexus IS350 sedans.

At issue is a fuel pressure sensor used on certain fuel lines. The sensor may not have been tightened properly at the factory. If that's the case, the sensor could loosen over time, causing fuel to leak past the gasket between the sensor and the fuel line.

Owners will be notified of the recall once parts are in the supply chain. Dealers will inspect the affected vehicles, and if no fuel leak is found, then they will simply tighten the sensor properly. If there is a fuel leak, the dealership will replace the gasket and properly tighten the sensor.

All work will be done free of charge.

If you own one of the involved vehicles and want more information, call Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 800-25 LEXUS (800-255-3987), go to www.lexus.com/recall, or check out the Lexus FAQ about the recall.