First revealed last summer, Infiniti's 2012 M35h hybrid has been awaiting full specs and details for almost six months, despite a small dose of info from the L.A. Auto Show--but the wait is over. The first hybrid from Infiniti won't be a wimpy little green thing: the 2012 M35h's specs, released today for the European version, reveal it to be quite the opposite. But it's still not an enviro-pig, either.

Rated at a combined 360 horsepower and 5.5 seconds to 62 mph, the M35h qualifies as a genuine sports sedan, yet it turns in CO2 emissions of just 260 grams per mile and U.K. combined cycle efficiency of 40.4 miles per gallon--or about 33.6 US mpg. Not shabby at all. On the open road, the M35h is rated at 41.2 US mpg. Even better.

The 2012 M35h does this through a combination of factors, including a low coefficient of drag at 0.26, relatively light weight of just over 4,000 pounds, and, of course, the hybrid drive system.

Pairing a 67-horsepower electric motor with a 301-horsepower V-6 gasoline engine based on the same VQ37 plant found in other Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, the M35h pipes its power through a seven-speed automatic that's built sans-torque converter to make the most of its power.

Final U.S. specs are still forthcoming, but we expect the car we see to be very similar to the specs above. We'll have the latest for you as soon as it breaks.