Daimler's distress over the dismal Maybach brand is apparently growing, with Dieter Zetsche saying all options are on the table, including getting rid of Maybach altogether. The news isn't surprising, especially on the heels of news late last month that Aston Martin might be tapped to design and build future Maybachs.

Maybach's sales figures have never been strong, even in relation to other stratospheric hyperluxury brands like Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Continued stagnation, an aging product line, and little apparent business reason to keep the brand around could lead to its death.

If Aston gets involved, however, it could be the breath of life. Aston has proved its ability to pen a stunning vehicle, and though its cars tend toward the heavy/luxurious side of the GT spectrum it lives in, that lends itself perfectly to building ultra high-end sedans.

Maybach could be too heavy a burden for even Aston to lift, however, especially as Aston is an independent, privately owned carmaker without the deep pockets and parts bins to be found at Daimler.

We're still intrigued by the idea of an Aston designed and built Maybach, so here's hoping the brand clears Zetsche's bar for continued existence and the partnership with Aston plays out.