Leaf and Volt had better watch out, because the Blue Oval just let loose its EV contender, the 2012 Focus Electric, and if first impressions are any basis, it might just be the best of the bunch. Why? It looks like a normal, attractive hatchback, yet it packs all the EV-goodness of the Leaf (or claims to) and it's filled with the multimedia, connected app magic that Ford does so well.

The live photo gallery here highlights just how good the Focus Electric looks even in a less-than-optimal photographic setting (CES is still mainly for geeks, not gearheads). To find out how well it stacks up to the competition, Bengt Halvorson's preview at GreenCarReports lays out the Focus Electric's key stats, and his look at the fast-charging home station at TheCarConnection goes in-depth on how it rates against the competition's charge times.