With just hours left in 2010, we're all gearing up for holiday parties, dinners, or dates. But if you have some time to kill this evening, we've got the perfect distraction: our top five photo galleries of the year.

These are the galleries our readers visited most, and--with one exception--it's easy to see why. Click the link to see the full gallery.

First, the 2011 Volkswagen Golf R. Also securing a spot as one of our top stories of the year, the Golf R is clearly being anticipated with some fervor by its fan base. We're among them.

The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible makes our top list by virtue of sheer visual impact. It also gets a boost from the renewed vigor of the pony car wars, courtesy of the renewed 2011 Ford Mustang.

Speaking of the Mustang, the Blue Oval contender also made our top five, with a wide range of photos including some of its convertible variant, as well as the snakier GT500.

The Camaro comes out on top in this face-off, however, securing another top spot with the 2010 Camaro gallery. The Synergy Green, Bumble Bee, SS, and many after-market versions make this gallery a fair tour of Camaroland.

Finally, we have our outlier. No sports car, or luxury car, or hot hatch to be found here. Instead, it's the 2010 Hyunai Tucson. Certainly an anticipated model launch, but it's still a lot of attention for what is: ostensibly, a budget Korean crossover. In your eyes, however, the Tucson's bold looks and high build quality apparently put it among the most sought-out vehicles to ogle. Or you can't turn away. Like a car wreck. We're not sure.