Twitter races watch out: the National Museum of American History, a Smithsonian museum, is holding the "Race to the Museum," a chance for the public to vote to pick the two most significant cars from a selection of eight the 73 in the Smithsonian's collection, spanning 120 years and a wide range of body types and power sources.

Some are wacky in the classical sense, like the Long steam-powered tricycle, from 1880. Others are more modern, if still offbeat, like GM's EV1 and Sunraycer solar car. Our favorite from the NMAH's short list? The 1948 Tucker sedan, one of just 46 remaining examples and an icon in American automotive history. Plus it has a drug history.

Other cars up for the honor include the 1953 Glasspar sports car, 1929 Miller race car, 1903 Oldsmobile curved-dash runabout, and the 1894 Balzer quadricycle, all pictured above.  

To vote for your choice among the eight, hit the link below.

In other news, the Smithsonian has also put Stephen Colbert's portrait back on display following a hiatus from September 2009. Who says history isn't fun?

[National Museum of American History]